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Yacht Club news

Here you will find old articles from our Yacht Club News page, listed in chronological order.

Some members of the Sainte Maxime Yacht Club ensured the security of the Saint-Tropez SailGP! 😃

Sailing enthusiasts met at the SailGP event in Saint Tropez, to follow the races of these real F1 of the seas...


The Sainte Maxime Yacht Club,SailGP Technical Supplier, provided crews and boats to ensure the safety of the race from September 7 to 10.

The SailGP Saint-Tropez is one of the most spectacular regattas in the world!


As security members, we had the chance to visit the organization's logistics base...


We were also able to experience the races from the inside and experience great moments...

The Sainte Maxime Yacht Club in the spotlight in the Varoise press...

Article de Var Matin du 20 05 2023

Lors du lancement de la saison 2023 du Yacht Club, Var Matin était présent lors de la présetation de nos ambitions de cette saison.


Vous voulions générer encore plus de bonne humeur et de convivialité : nous avions prévu d'organiser de nouvelles sorties au resto, en mer ou des apéros avec les membres lors de leur présence sur Sainte Maxime.

Nous avions parlé de nos partenariats qui offrent des avantages aux membres du Yacht Club.

Nous voulions à l'époque continuer le dialogue constructif que nous avons avec les autorités portuaires et la municipalité, et être force de proposition pour faire rayonner le port de Sainte Maxime.


Cliquez sur l'article pour le lire plus facilement...

Logo du Yacht Club de Sainte Maxime

On the occasion of our first meeting focused on security, Var Matin had dispatched a journalist who devoted 3/4 of a page to us in the edition of Saturday July 30.

Click on the article to read it more easily...

Article Var Matin sur le Yacht Club de Sainte Maxime

Joyeux anniversaire Eliane !

Le 19 aout dernier, les membres du Yacht Club se sont réunis au restaurant du Casino Barrière de Sainte Maxime.


Cette soirée conviviale fut aussi l'occasion de célébrer avec faste les 100 ans de l'une de nos jeunes membres...


Elle a d'ailleurs eu les honneurs de la presse : Cf l'article de Var Matin.


The Sainte Maxime Yacht Club
launches its 2023 season on May 19...


So, ready to clean the hull and apply the antifouling?😄

We check the condition of the sails, ropes, masts and rigging.

And we don't forget to lubricate the pulleys and the winches. ⛵️
What a joy to go to do the oil change, the filters or the spark plugs.

And above all, we test the electrical and electronic equipment on board, the batteries, the fuses and the batteries. And we inspect the mandatory safety elements!

In short, we are preparing to be able to make the most of it very soon! 😃

The beautiful days are coming back and we have to think about getting the boats back in order after the winter. It's time to carry out some checks and maintenance operations...

On our side, the Yacht Club team is getting ready to offer you lots of things for this new season...

We'll let you know quickly.

First dinner  of the members of the Sainte Maxime Yacht Club...

On Thursday August 25, the Yacht Club invited its members to meet in the enchanting setting of the restaurant Les Tourelles de Sainte Maxime, in order to enjoy a moment  of sharing around a dinner.


On the program, a lot of conviviality, great encounters and captivating discussions on our common passion for boating.

Operation to be redone soon...


Les Tourelles Restaurant sainte maxime.png
First nautical event of the Sainte Maxime Yacht Club

On Tuesday August 9, we organized our first "outside the port" event.

The participants left the port of Sainte Maxime around 11 a.m. and sailed together towards Cap Camarat. for on arrival, share a meal at the restaurant "Chez Camille"

This first was open to everyone: members of the Yacht Club in priority, their families, their friends and any golf boater who wanted to discover us!...

It was a real moment of sharing and conviviality which allowed our members to get to know each other better. The video on the right gives an idea of the atmosphere that day at Chez Camille.


We would also like to thank the restaurant manager and his entire team for the sublime bouillabaisse and the impeccable service.

Chez Camille: Excellent address recommended by the YCSM!😀

The Sainte Maxime Yacht Club
launches its 2023 season on May the 19

On Friday May 19, the Sainte Maxime Yacht Club brought together some of its members to launch its 2023 season.


A very positive result for a first year...

This meeting was first of all an opportunity to take stock of our first year of existence. 1 year after its creation in April 2022, the Sainte Maxime Yacht Club has brought together around a hundred members, and we could be 130 by the end of May.

During this first year, we had lots of meetings, discussions, aperitifs and small outings at sea between members


We had 3 big events:

  • A Safety day where we were 75 to discuss with the SNSM and the municipal maritime police.

  • An evening at the restaurant Les Tourelles where we were around fifty

  • An outing to Chez Camille, in Pampelonne, where there were still about fifty of us enjoying a sublime bouillabaisse


And we also made a donation to the schools of Sainte Maxime for Christmas…


To show our dynamism, we wanted to be very present on the internet and social networks.

The infographic on the side gives you a summary of our year 2022

Bilan 1 an YCSM.jpeg

Click on the infographic to read it more easily...

An even stronger ambition for 2023...

We are leaving full of dynamism for this second season, and we want first of all to continueto grow by attracting new members. If you are interested,contact usOrjoin online! 😀

Article de Var Matin du 20 05 2023

We also aim to generate even more good humor and conviviality: we are going to organize new outings to the restaurant, at sea or aperitifs with the members during their presence on Sainte Maxime.

We are in the process of developing partnerships that provide benefits to Yacht Club members.


We have so far established contacts with a dozen sponsors and partners (Click here to discover them), who have really played the game and offer substantial benefits to Yacht Club members.


We want to continue the constructive dialogue that we have with the port authorities and the municipality, and be proactive in promoting the port of Sainte Maxime.

Finally, we would like to create beautiful events to make the members of the Yacht Club vibrate.


For this year 2023, we had the chance to meet the teams of the legendary SailGP

Click on the article to read it more easily...

Of the 12 world regattas in this event, which brings together foiling sailboats that hold more than real formula 1 of the seas, there are prestigious ports such as Sidney, Los Angeles, San Francisco or even Bermuda... one of the European events is takes place in Saint Tropez in September.

And we have the great honor of having been chosen as the official Technical Supplier, to ensure safety on the water as close as possible to the boats.More information by clicking here.

This 2023 season promises to be exciting... Join us! 😃

Great success of the July 13 safety meeting!

Yachting is an extraordinary activity that allows you to escape from everyday life and discover fantastic places along our coasts. But when an incident arises, the captain is responsible for his passengers and he can feel very alone in the middle of the waves if he is badly prepared...  

To avoid finding itself in a dramatic situation, the Yacht Club of Sainte Maxime organized on July 13 a meeting entirely dedicated to safety at sea, with the participation of the SNSM and the Port Police.


Frédéric Saveuse and Martial Psaila, from the SNSM Station of Saint Tropez, gave us a fascinating presentation of the history and missions of this association of volunteer rescuers.


We then discussed the prevention of risks related to the sea and nautical practices.

Mrs. Delphine Salomé, Director of the port and Mr. Franck Ledi, her Principal Harbor Master, also honored us with their presence and wished good winds to the Yacht Club.  


Mr. Frédéric Branda, port commander of the maritime and port police of Sainte Maxime reminded us of the main points of the regulations and explained the support that the Police could offer to boaters.


In addition to safety, this meeting was an excellent opportunity to meet each other and share our passion for navigation around a very nice drink of friendship.

La SNSM de Saint Tropez

Download the meeting flyer and

its Safety memo in pdf version

The Sainte Maxime Yacht Club supports the Sails of Hope...

Every two years in a different region, "Les Voiles de l'Espoir" is the largest nautical event in the world for children in remission from cancer and leukemia. The children taking part are between the ages of 8 and 14 and most have undergone intensive chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant.

For most of them, this is their first outing outside their medical and family context. They live through the Veils of Hope a moment of escape rich in meaning, freedom and optimism so that wonderful memories are drawn which will be established in the inscription of the future.

This year, the Voiles de l'Espoir will stop at Sainte Maxime on June 23 and 24. Being able to meet their smiles and hear their joy on the quays and pontoons will be a huge reward for everyone.

The Port and the Harbor Master's Office of Sainte Maxime are appealing to boat owners who can commit to vacate their berth from 23/06/2022 at 12 p.m. to 24/06/2022 at 12 p.m. Declare your commitment of absence either directly at the Harbor Master's Office, or by Tel at or by email:


Learn more about the Sails of Hope...

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